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We will guide you through a series of 12 to 18 questions related to your project. Based on your responses, we will create a contract for you using expertly crafted sections from top lawyers. The system prompt you and the service provider to review the contract before signoff, You will have the ability to adjust the scope of work to accurately reflect the details of your project.

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Home improvement projects are the #1 cause of consumer complaints!

Home improvement projects often result in disputes, but we want to ensure that you're protected against potential pitfalls such as unexpected change order costs, subpar workmanship, and other known issues. That's why we're creating a comprehensive contract to safeguard your interests.

Service Provider Information Enter the name and contact information of the company that will provide construction services. Please include the name of a representative who will sign on behalf of the company. A business title is recommended.

Why Is Precise Agreement So Vital?

Through working together on the project's scope, payment schedule, timeline, and contingency plans, you can ensure that the service provider's vision aligns with yours, thereby considerably reducing the likelihood of any disagreements.

Type of Job to be performed To ensure that our contracts cover all the necessary details for various types of jobs, we include specific clauses tailored to each job type. Therefore, it's essential for us to know the type of job you're undertaking.

Scope of Work 1st Millstone Please enter the scope of work, it can be high level or incomplete at this stage but we recommend going into specific details before signoff

Don't Pay a Deposit.

Although contractors often ask for an initial payment upon signing the contract to ensure the client's commitment and improve their cash flow, we recommend against providing a deposit. Not only is it unlawful for a contractor to demand a large sum before the project starts, but it also does not safeguard your best interests.

Payment Amount 1st Milestone Please enter payment associated with the 1st milestone

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While it is common for service providers to request a deposit as a sign of the client's commitment to the project before dedicating their time, what assurance do you have that they will fulfill their commitment to you? Here Are Your Options: 1) pay directly and hope for good 2)Negotiate and leave sour aftertaste 3) Pay Through a Hold Account. A third party that keep you both secure

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About BuildWiz Hold Account

Clients who opt for the BuildWiz Hold Account can pay through wire transfer, ACH, Plaid, credit card, or check, and the funds are kept safe while the service provider is notified of the deposit. After completing a project milestone and obtaining client satisfaction approval, the funds are transferred to the service provider. Additionally, clients who utilize the service use our comprehensives agreement at no cost.

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