Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other online services, BuildWiz doesn’t charge a “lead fee” or subscription, it’s completely free to bid on BuildWIz. Once you win a job on BuildWiz, we charge a 3.5% fee,  we’ll transfer  you 98 Cents on every dollar you charge in your bid. Contractors are advised to take that into account.

Bids on BuildWiz are binding once accepted by the customer, you can cancel prior to that. Once the customer has accepted a bid, you can request to cancel if the jobsite or plans are materially different than described by the customer. You have 5 days to request a cancellation from the time the bid was accepted. That time can be extended in case  the property wasn’t made available for you to visit.

BuildWiz makes every effort for contractors to submit bids without visiting the jobsite. The reason is that we believe a contractor’s time is valuable and should be spent wisely. In case  the job description lacks information that’s needed in order to bid properly, we recommend writing a high bid and submitting it so that the chat function becomes available. Once available you can communicate with the customer so they can complete the missing information.

Only bids are acceptable. The customer can request a “change order”, or you can agree with the customer about a change that’s tied to change in the payment amount. If you can’t complete the intended scope of work with the amount you requested you should request to cancel the work order within 5 days of bid acceptance. Once the customer accepts the bid, both parties are entered into a binding agreement. That agreement can be canceled by the contractor only in a case that he finds the job site materially different than described and he can explain it. 

Customers can request a change order through the chat or verbally. The contractor can submit a change order from the BID DETAILS tab under the specific work order (which can be found under the ACTIVE WORK ORDERS tab). A change order must be approved by the customer before it’s in effect. Once accepted by the customer, an amended contract will be sent to both parties and the associated payment will be collected into the Hold Account. If you can’t agree about the change order cost with the customer, the agreement determines that the cost would be your direct cost + 7% of overhead.

The chat function is available on the job page after you submit a bid. If the job description lacks some details, you are welcome to submit a bid with a higher amount and ask the customer to clarify. 

Once your bid is accepted, you are welcome to communicate as needed. BuildWiz however, does not provide phone numbers and advises to keep all the communication through the chat function.

  1. Open an account, provide your license number and business information.

  2. Look for jobs of interest, and define what jobs you want to be notified for.

  3. Once you find a job that you are ready to bid on, click WRITE A BID

    1. On the first bid you write, the system will guide you to enter your bank account information, so you can receive payments. 

    2. Write a very elaborate bid and don’t assume what your prospective customers know. You can add milestones as needed, each milestone should have a scope of work associated with it, payment amount, specify materials included, not included, start date, end date, and bid expiration date.

  4. We’ll notify you once a bid is accepted, you should also get an email when the Hold Account is funded, which is when you should start work towards the first milestone.

If you received a text message from BuildWiz, it’s because our data shows that you are a contractor or a service provider in the construction industry, and that a job that was posted by a BuildWiz customer that is relevant to your business. You are invited to register and create an account, select what jobs you’d like to receive notifications for, and what distance from your home/business zipcode you service. If you’d like to be removed please just send your number to with “remove” at the subject

Contractors are invited to select all the job types they are licensed for and interested in doing. Our algorithms take those preferences as input and may invite you to bid on all of the jobs you select or just part of them. BuildWiz also reserves the right not to send an invite to contractors for any reason, in an effort to increase customer satisfaction and smooth transactions on BuildWiz.

No,It’s against the terms and conditions document that you’ve signed when you opened an account.

BuildWiz guides contractors to enter their bank account details prior to writing their first bid. Once a milestone is complete and the customer approves completion, funds from the Hold Account are transferred to the bank account on file. The dollar amount is as specified in the bid for the specific milestone. If the Hold Account is not funded, funds won’t be transferred.

We recommend starting the work towards a milestone when you get a notification that the Hold Account is funded with the amount associated with the specific milestone. You are welcome to check the balance of the Hold Account in the job page under the PAYMENT tab.

No, upon completion of a milestone, you should go to the JOB DETAILS tap and click the MARK COMPLETE for the particular milestone. That’ll trigger an automatic invoice generation, both  you and the customer will get a copy through email.

  1. Do more business for free: no “lead fee” like with other online services,you don’t need to advertise- we bring the jobs to you, minimal down time - just go to JOB SEARCH and look for jobs.

  2. Get paid faster- payment is automated and comes 2-3 days after completion. You don’t have to collect and deposit checks, you provide your bank account information as you register and we take care of the rest, for free.

  3. Work directly with customers and not through a general contractor and make more money.

  4. Use your time more effectively:

    1. No need to write a contract for every job, contracts are automated.

    2. No need to write invoices, invoices are automated.

    3. No need to do a site visit pre bidding in most cases, all the information is online.

    4. Write bids easier online, no need to exchange email address or fax number.

    5. Minimal time loss on writing bids that won’t materialize. 

  5. Easier and cheaper dispute resolution.

Yes! BuildWiz is built with efficiency in mind, our system reduces contractors' down time and overhead of site visits, communication and collection as well as advertising and referral expenses. We also encourage you to have crews who specialize in a specific job type so they can become more effective , better, faster at doing their trade, while making more money!