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New Construction or Upgrade? Contractor's would need to know whether it's a new construction or replacement of an existing system

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Want the best services at the best prices? BuildWiz has got you covered. Our pre-vetted small business owners are committed to excellence.

Rough area to be heated & cooled [sqft] Please include any living space, do not include garage, attic, etc

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Contractors often inflate their prices as a way of saying they're too busy when you request an estimate. At BuildWiz, we do things differently. We send bid invites to pre-vetted small business owners who are available and interested in your project, ensuring that you receive competitive bids without any inflated pricing. Say goodbye to guessing games and hello to a stress-free bidding process with BuildWiz.

Desired type of system Please refer to our blogs to learn more about the different options, pros and cons

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Protect your interests by hiring a contractor through BuildWiz. Our thoughtfully crafted contract ensures that you are covered, as many homeowners neglect to negotiate or even read through their service provider's contract, leaving them at risk. Trust BuildWiz to prioritize your safety and security in all of your contracting needs.

Install a smart thermostat? Would you like to install Nest thermostat, ecobee thermostat or a equivalent?

Say goodbye to phone calls and appointments!

BuildWiz has a unique approach where contractors can bid on your project without the need for a visit first. This saves time and money for both parties by eliminating the need for phone calls and appointments. To ensure that you receive competitive bids, it is crucial to include as many details as possible and not skip any relevant questions. When requested, be sure to upload pictures as well. Projects that are well-described and have detailed information receive more competitive bids, so take the time to provide as much information as possible.

Please upload a picture of your electrical panel If you have a main panel and sub panel please take upload pictures of both.

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At BuildWiz, bidders are only able to view your zip code, and we solely use your personal information to generate the contract after you've accepted a bid. One positive aspect we've discovered is that clients in affluent neighborhoods pay the same prices as our average client.

Please describe your project Use free text to describe your project, include anything not showing in the form

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We encourage you to do your best when describing your job details. Clients who provide comprehensive information are seen as serious about their project by contractors, resulting in a higher likelihood of receiving more bids. More bids lead to increased competition, which drives prices down and quality up. Trust BuildWiz to help you achieve the best results for your contracting needs.

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New Construction or Upgrade?


Rough area to be heated & cooled [sqft]


Desired type of system


Install a smart thermostat?


Please upload a picture of your electrical panel


Please describe your project