About Us

About Us

JOBIT is an all-in-one solution for vendor management tracking tailored for property management companies.

 that allows property management companies to request bids, track progress, and organize on-site projects, all in one place. 

With JOBIT, gone are the days of sifting through endless email attachments for bids. Our intuitive dashboard consolidates all your property-related projects, both ongoing and completed, complete with photo milestones, status updates, and accounting. 

Our AI-powered software streamlines the process by effortlessly dispatching project requests to thousands of licensed contractors and vendors outside your network. Alternatively, you can handpick from your trusted pool of approved connections.

Stay in control every step of the way with JOBIT. Supervise vendors, ensure accountability, and maintain project timelines effortlessly. Experience the efficiency of the JOBIT method today.


Maintenance Team

Inefficient: most maintenance job translates into multiple email threads



Challenged with growth and with cash flow of their business

img Our Mission

We aim to solve these pain points:

  1. Inefficiency of Property Maintenance Operations: Traditional processes often involve emails, phone calls, manual bid comparisons, and the risk of mix-ups in units and duplicate invoices. Our solution eliminates these bottlenecks and ensures seamless coordination.

  2. Lack of Visibility into Bidding and Hiring Processes: Senior management and property owners deserve transparency. With JOBIT, they gain real-time insights into maintenance requests, vendor bids, and the progress of jobs.

  3. High Maintenance Costs: The current manual and inefficient process leads to excessive costs. It’s no surprise that 40% of a management company’s workforce is typically dedicated to maintenance operations. With JOBIT, we aim to optimize costs by increasing team’s efficiency and increasing vendor competition while tracking quality and progress in real time.

Welcome to a smarter, more efficient era of property management with JOBIT.