About Us

About Us
We know the home improvement and construction business: Our founders have developed and improved dozens of homes in different locales, and worked with thousands of contractors on everything from small repairs to major construction.
We know how to get things done: Our founders hail from the tech industry, and know how to run projects smoothly – on time, on budget, delivering the desired results. 
We bring this expertise to the home improvement market place. With the passion to solve the pain points of homeowners and contractors alike, we enable hassle-free, transparent and secure projects.
We are proud to have retained the legal advice of law firms Sidley (ranked first-tier nationally in technology law) and HansonBridgett (ranked first-tier in construction practice in California) in building our business model for a better home improvement market.
BuildWiz is incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in San Jose, CA. 


high cost, hassle, lack of knowledge, lack of trust, feel disadvantaged.



low productivity, lack of steady demand, risk of not getting paid and cash flow crunch.

img Our Mission

The home improvement market remains broken: Homeowners rely on recommendations and then hope for the best. Contractors spend too much time writing offers, and then hope for jobs to come through.

Today’s online platforms still run on last century’s aggregator business model, which means they offer little more than fancy yellow pages: 
They help homeowners find contractors in their region (collecting homeowner’s data along the way), and charge contractors for being listed (and for everything else). 
Yet they do next to nothing to make the bidding transparent or competitive, or for the actual project to run smoother or more secure.

We’re no yellow pages. We skip the entire search phase: Homeowners don’t look for a contractor. Homeowners want to get their bathroom remodeled.
We focus on the job itself. We help the homeowner define their project, and let pre-qualified and available contractors bid on that.
This creates competition, and comparability. It saves time for both homeowners and contractors.

We reduce the time wasted searching for contractors and requesting bids for homeowners. We reduce the time writing offers and following up on them for contractors. We make offers more comparable and competitive.
When it comes to the project itself, we introduce safeguards and transparency for homeowners by providing an escrow-level safety process to the actual project – which also ensures that contractors get paid. 
Thus, we dramatically reduce the number of projects going over budget, over schedule, or leading to inferior results. And if things still go sideways, we provide a clear and fair complaint and arbitration framework.

In short: we focus on the actual pain points of homeowners and contractors alike. Because everybody deserves better than the status quo.