Frequently Asked Questions

BuildWiz is a smart marketplace for customers seeking affordable construction or other homebuilding services by licensed pre-vetted professionals, BuildWiz selects and invites the contractors to bid, creates a fair contract, allows milestone based payment through a dedicated Hold Account and mediates in case conflict between parties arise.

BuildWiz is completely free for the customer unless they pay with a credit card, professionals pay only when they win a bid, their fee is 3.5%. Our partners charge a credit card fee of 3%, Wire/ACH fee of $1, these fees are added to each milestone payment and paid by the customer. Customer who use Plaid aren't paying any fee.

Absolutely! We found an average savings of 35% compared with other methods of engaging contractors.

We provide tooltips and refer you to blogs on some of our forms. In addition to that, at the bottom of each job description form you’ll find the job description box, where you can freely describe the project in your own words.

Yes, your location and other factors are critically important to the algorithms that BuildWiz uses to determine which contractors are invited to bid.

During the bidding process, BuildWiz only shows the city and zip code. However, the contractor who wins the bid will know your complete address.

Jobs posted by you are visible to contractors on BuildWiz and contractors who BuildWiz invites to bid on your projects.

There is no limit to how many jobs you can post. Jobs are always associated with a property, you can add multiple properties and for each property you can post multiple jobs

  1. Create an account

  2. Add your property

  3. Add a job under that property

  4. After a few days bids will show up, you’d be notified by email for any new bid coming.

  5. In case where you don’t get enough bids for a job, you can request more bids on the job page a week after the date you originally posted the job.

The number of bids will vary depending on location and type of job, you can request more bids a week after you have submitted your job and our software will invite different contractors to bid.

After you receive your bids you can compare them, ask the bidders questions through the chat, and when you settle with one of the bids you can select it. As part of accepting the bid we let you review the contract you are agreeing for, and once you accept it we guide you through the payment process.

BuildWiz accepts credit cards, Plaid, wire transfers, ACH, and checks. There are different fees charged by our partners for some of the methods and there is a processing delay before the balance shows up on the Hold Account when you pay with Wire transfers, ACH, and checks.

We partner with a payment provider who opens a Hold Account for each job. The funds are deposited by you towards one or more milestone, and are transferred to the provider once you approve completion. The Hold Account helps reduce the contractor's risk greatly, expedites payment, and makes it convenient for both parties.

When you accept a bid, we guide you through funding of the first milestone. When you approve completion for each milestone we guide you to fund the next milestone. When there is only one milestone, or if you prefer to deposit the full amount in the hold account,  you can also pay the full job amount.

Bids you accept are turned in Active Work Order in BuildWIz.

If you need to add or change something in an Active Work Order, you should contact your contractor through the chat and explain the change you need. The contractor can submit a “Change Order” request with an associated scope of work and payment amount. Once you approve the change order BuildWiz will send you an updated agreement that includes the change.

Our contract protects you from change order overcharge. If you can reach an agreement about the cost of a change request, the contract determines that the cost would be the contractor’s direct cost + 7% of overhead.

By using BuildWiz, you can save time, money, and effort. BuildWiz eliminates the need to make time to meet with multiple contractors during business hours, eliminates estimators getting into your property and violating your privacy, eliminates the need to negotiate verbally and reduces the chance that marketing and scaring tactics would force you to commit. BuildWiz eliminates the common pain of customers who receive a low estimate and being pushed to pay a lot more through “unforeseeable” site conditions and expensive change orders. BuildWiz mitigates the risk of  a mechanics lien, eliminates unfair contracts handed by the service provider full of clauses protecting just them.

BuildWiz eliminates the case of payment in advance, and full payment prior to job completion, as funds are transferred to the contractor only when you are satisfied.

BuildWiz cuts the middleman and lets you work directly with professionals who are usually hired as subcontractors. BuildWiz gets you multiple bids allowing competition to play a vital role driving the price down. BuildWiz introduces more supply into areas of high demand.

No, you pay the funds needed for the first milestone, these funds won’t be transferred to the contractor until you approve it.

An estimate is an educated guess made by the contractor of what a job will cost. An Estimate is subject to change as the project unfolds.

A bid on the other hand specifies the scope of work and materials included in a job. 

Unfortunately some contractors write low estimates so it’ll be more appealing to the customer, However, many tend to raise their prices throughout the job to get to their original desired amount.

If you work with BuildWiz you are protected from those risks. Bids are final unless you request a change to the scope of work or the materials. Customers should make sure that the scope of work, as specified in the bid is complete and accurate. 

Contractors can bid accurately when they get a full picture of what the customer wants to get done and what the current condition is. 

By walking you through the process of answering the questions we are educating you about the options available in the market, similar to the process you would go through by meeting up with multiple contractors.

We recommend that you’d be as elaborate as you can, mention even what’s obvious, upload many pictures and make sure that a bid you receive includes all those details as part of the scope of work. Keep in mind that the time you spend describing your project eliminates the need for appointments with multiple contractors.

Accepting a job equates to signing a contract, in an event that the other side is not honoring the contract you can write to and we’ll step in. If you want to cancel for other reasons, BuildWiz will look into the case, evaluate both parties' claims and make a decision. You are advised to read the contract as it governs the relationship between the sides.

Yes, prior to acceptance the contractor can cancel the bid.

A bid that was accepted is considered a signed contract, if the contractor finds the building site materially different than described by the customer they can request to cancel the contract. Contractors will be required to provide explanations of what's materially different. You are advised to read the contract as it governs the relationship between the sides.

  1. You don’t have to look for contractors, we find them for you. 

  2. You don’t have to explain the job to each one of them, you just describe the job once.

  3. You won’t need to free up your schedule during business hours, everything is done online at your convenience. 

  4. You don’t need to meet with multiple contractors just to discover that there are multiple methods or materials available, we introduce them to you, at your convenience.

  5. You don’t have to wait long for your project to be completed, bids include start date and end date, you can negotiate easily or choose the one that works

  6. Only with BuildWiz you can hire a contractor now and pay later

  1. Our algorithms invite the contractors who really need business to bid.

  2. You’d get multiple bids, more bids means more competition.

  3. We cut the middleman and let you work with guys who are usually hired by the general contractor.

  4. We introduce you to all the materials and methods available out there, so you can choose the one with the most value for money. 

  5. We invite contractors who specialize in the specific job, workers who specialize in just one thing are typically more effective (and produce a better quality)

  6. If you are in a high demand area, BuildWiz will invite contractors outside of your area to bid against your project.

  7. You won’t be subject to sales pitch, scaring techniques, or mental manipulation, you are empowered to make the decision in a way that’s right for you and at your convenience.

  1. We save you the hassle of entertaining multiple estimators in your private space. 

  2.  We save you from needing to free up time on business hours. 

  3. We save you the hassle of hearing multiple sales pitches, and distilling the information from the noise.

  4. We save you the hassle of negotiating a fair contract with the contractor.

  5. We save you the hassle of looking for recommendations, our contractors are all pre-vetted.

  6. We save you the hassle of getting spam calls, texts, and emails months after leaving your information on one of the websites that help people find contractors.

  7. We save you the hassle of finding what you need to do to mitigate the risk of “Mechanics Lien” 

  8. We save you the hassle of not being happy with the quality and not being able to do much about it- funds are paid only when you are satisfied. 

  9. We save you the hassle of going through expansive litigation, you’ll get a contract that handles disputes in a smarter way

  1. BuildWiz offers a fair contract that protects both parties, it’s generated once a bid is accepted and includes legal language that was crafted by top construction lawyers.

  2. BuildWiz vets the contractors prior to boarding on the platform.

  3. Customers pay into Hold Account, no deposit or other payment is transferred to the contractor without the customer's explicit approval.

  4. BuildWiz offer Mechanics Lien mitigation mechanism

  5. BuildWiz’s representatives get involved in a case of disagreement, and the contract defines a dispute arbitration mechanism which is way more effective than litigation in court.

  6. All of these are complementary for BuildWiz users, and are part of any transaction.

You can negotiate over the chat or just wait for more bids to come. You can click “request more bids” a week after you first posted a job.

When posting a bid, you should include rich details about the current status and your desired outcome. You should upload multiple pictures as they may reveal details that are important, you should be upfront if the job should be done in a place that’s hard to access. In case that there are multiple methods to achieve the same result, you can post two different jobs so you’d get the price for each method. You should plan, measure, sketch and provide measurements that are closest to reality, the contractor will have to measure again himself but it’s expected that the customer provided numbers are accurate enough for the purpose of bidding.

We encourage you to make sure every detail of the project is included in the scope of work in the bid. Whatever you and the contractor clarify or agree upon in the chat should be included in the scope of work for one of the milestones as scope of work is translated into the agreement. As you accept the bid we let you review the owner contractor agreement, you should review the scope of work at the bottom (Exhibit A) and make sure the entire scope of work is covered there too.

Our terms and conditions document defines the framework for a dispute. You are welcome to review the full document which is available from the home page. Generally there are 3 stages: 1. Direct negotiation 2. Complaint- this is where BuildWiz gets involved 3.If no resolution is achieved BuildWiz will refer the parties to an external arbitration organization.

Yes. Customers who are comfortable managing the project themselves, breaking it to jobs and coordinating between the subcontractors can easily build anything with BuildWiz while saving significantly.

After receiving a bid from a contractor, the chat function becomes available. We advise you to keep all communication through the chat function on the website.