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from +100 top vetted pros

4 Simple Steps For A secure Project:

1. Describe your project by answering a few questions and taking a few pictures (contact us for help and advise)

2. We go shop for you! you'll get multiple offers form vetted and professional contractors

3. You accept a bid and pay into an Hold Account (The contractor is not getting paid yet)

4. Your contractor complete the installation & you approve payment when you are happy with the result

img BuildWiz Agreement & Hold Account img Agreement made by your Contractor

Contractor get paid
AFTER you approve completion of a milestone

made in advance of work

contract that safeguards your interests

One-sided contract made by the contractor
scope of work & clear accountability makes disputes rare

scope of work – disputes are VERY common

are final

likely to increase

are held to a high standard by the contract

does not guarantee high quality or compliance with building codes

order overcharge protection

of overcharge where you are trapped and have to pay

mediation solves 89% of cases

of expensive litigation

What our customers has to say

Dave J. San Jose: "I liked the fact that I didn't have to write a check as the contractor finished, I checked the system for 24hours and then I approved the payment."

Home improvement projects are the #1 cause of consumer complaints!

Looking to upgrade your home but worried about getting ripped off by contractors? The data shows that thousands of Americans are in the same boat. Shoddy work, failure to start or complete the job, or failure to have required licensing or registration… These are just some of the costly and concerning issues homeowners have to contend with. Want to avoid all the hassle and heartbreak? There’s finally a solution.

BuildWiz Vault puts in place a comprehensive contract with contractors BEFORE they start work. It holds them to rigorous standards, ensures they can’t increase their fees, and protects your money via a secure holding account. And if something DOES go wrong, our dispute mediation resolves the issue 9 times out of 10.

Derick, Z, Sunnyvale: "It’s amazing how easy it was to remodel my rental property with BuildWiz, I live 2 hours away and it saved me multiple trips because I was able to manage everything remotely"