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Heating & Cooling, HVAC, Air-conditioning

95120 - San Jose

Start date : Jun 06, 2023 ( NOT FLEXIBLE )

Estimated completion date : Jul 06, 2023

Total bid amount : $25000

  • Heating & Cooling, HVAC, Air-conditioning
  • New construction
  • 2600
  • Heat Pump and Ducts
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  • N/A
  • Hello, I need to replace the duct system in my house and build new duct system for the 2nd story in the attic

    Install two heat pumps or one heat pump with two air handlers, preferably Mitsubishi

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Slobodan Plavsic

Jun 08, 2023

Jul 06, 2023

Jul 09, 2023

removal and installation of new ductwork


Furnish the following materials and perform the following labor in a substantial and workman like manner in accordance with standard practices for the building or portion thereof located at 6218 Firefly Dr. San Jose CA 1.Remove existing heating and air system, haul away and dispose according to the EPA guidelines. .

City Inspection Card

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Inspected by city :

NOT Needed

Inspected by private inspector :

NOT Needed


completed removal of old ductwork and installed new duct system



First Floor 1.Condenser HP Mitsubishi 2.5 Ton Model MSUZKA3NA2TH 2. Air Handler Mitsubishi PVA A3 0 AA7 . 3.Thermostat . 4. Line set 5.Condensate drains . 6. New flexible ductwork R-8 sheet metal fittings and boots. 7. Bathroom fan duct. 8. Bathroom fan duct. 9.Kitchen hood duct. 10. Dryer vent 2nd floor: 1. Condenser HP Mitsubishi 2 Ton Model Number MSUZKA24NA2TH 2.Air Handler Mitsubishi MSVZKP24NA 3.Thermostat . 4.New flexible ductwork R-8, sheet metal fittings and boots. 5.Bathroom fan duct. 6.Air registers

Final inspection pass


final inspection pass

all the materials for the above scope of work, everything insulated and by building code


wires and line sets in the walls or in attic, nothing visible