Bathroom Remodeling, Tiles, Bathtub & Shower Installation

94087 - Sunnyvale

Start date : Dec 19, 2022 ( NOT FLEXIBLE )

Estimated completion date : Jan 02, 2023

Total bid amount : $20500

  • Bathroom Remodeling, Tiles, Bathtub & Shower Installation
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  • Hello, we would like to renovate two bathrooms. See existing layout and new layout. The house is on raised foundations and plumbing can be re-routed.

    The new design includes a wall to the left of the vanity that we would like not to build, we want it to be glass. 

    The master bathroom is 121 sqft and the smaller bathroom is 73sqft

    In the master shower we would like to have two valves and two heads. We would like all the faucets to be dark. 

    The vanities should be white Oak finish, other than that the style should be as in the pictures we included. 

    We want the tiles on the floor and on the wall to be the same, preferably the huge ones and no grout. 

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Irvin Ochoa

Dec 19, 2022

Jan 02, 2023

Jan 13, 2023

Bathroom/ master


Demolition, hauling trash, relocating pluming if need it, preparation and materials like painting, Materials not including like vanity, sink, glass tub also tile are not including since they are the big tile

Bathroom #2


Demolition, hauling trash have ready for finish material. Labor and some materials, like painting, not including sink, tub, glass and accessories, also tile not including since they are the big tiles

Preparation, demolition, pluming and installation

Finish materials

Looking forward, our work it’s quality not quantity