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Garage Conversion Plan

95124 - San Jose

Start date : Nov 23, 2022 ( NOT FLEXIBLE )

Estimated completion date : Jun 23, 2024

Total bid amount : $970

  • Garage Conversion Plan
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • No
  • We are converting the garage to a 1br ADU,
    The bathroom would be where the bricks wall is, there is crawl space with plumbing underneath (you can see the 4" cleanout)
    other than that we need to fit a small kitchen, one bedroom and a small living area.

    The garage is 20x27'


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Nov 30, 2022


Dec 24, 2022

floor plans and elevations


floor plans and elevations plans delivered

Complete set


Notes, floor plan, elevations, section, electrical, foundation, brace walls, floor & roof framing if needed, structural details & green code documentation

framing, mechanicals, elevation plans - PDF format.

1. $250 for plot plan if needed. 2. $200 dollars for gas piping plan if needed. 3. If new roof framing is involved and trusses are going to be used. Truss calcs would be needed and need to be paid for by the client. 4. city may require a structural engineer- not included 5. title 24 is not included and may be needed

Plan check response and changes are free unless major changes are done by the client.