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Install Electrical Vehicle Charger

95062 - Santa Cruz

Start date : Aug 27, 2022 ( NOT FLEXIBLE )

Estimated completion date : Sep 26, 2022

Total bid amount : $800

  • Install Electrical Vehicle Charger
  • Level 2 - 208-240V most common for household use
  • 16' length + 7' up and down
  • Yes
  • Hello, I need to install hardwired Ev charger (chargepoint home flex). We need to support max current of 48 amper so the circuit breaker according to my understanding should be 60amper. We neesd to go down with conduit and then go along the concrete beam and then up to the charger (that you will need to connect). The main panel has unused slots (see in the photo)
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Hanna Hanna

Sep 24, 2022

Sep 26, 2022

Sep 24, 2022



Install charger 60 amps in the garage.

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The charger it’s installed

Not including the charger

The charger

Safety and good job up the code